In October this year, the first time an international conference for filmmakers is organized in Norway under Oslo Innovation Week 2016.
Oslo Innovation Week is the largest innovation convention– connecting industries, accelerating businesses organized since 2013 by Oslo Business Region and powered by The City of Oslo and Oslo Innovation Norway. In 2015 during Oslo Innovation Week, there were 72 events organized, which brought 250 keynote speakers and 9500 participants from all over the world to the event. To continue the success of 2015, this year around 100 events will be organized and hundreds of international keynote speakers and journalists are expected. The main theme for this year OIW is “power couple” which highlights the cooperation between small and big businesses as well as the relationships of special pairs in each field which helps to create powerful results.
Different from any OIWs before, this year we are going to bring a fresh colour to OIW 2016 with a first-time-ever event for filmmakers on 19th October 2016. The event is aimed to create an opportunity for filmmakers in Norway and all around the world to gather, exchange knowledge and experience on the main theme “opportunities and challenges for film productions”. This is an one day event which is comprised of speeches from Norwegian and international keynote speakers, a talkshow where experienced filmmakers share their experience on opportunities and challenges for film productions today, especially the relationship between small, young factors and big names in the field. At the end of the event there will be a pitch contest for selected film projects submitted to the event. In this part representatives of these film projects have to convince our judging panel including investors and producers from big production companies in order to get their film produced or invested.
OIW is an international event which attracts many inland and international journalists. We welcome journalists and media to attend and deliver news at our event. If you are an international journalist attending OIW, you will get a support package for your stay during the time the event happens.
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