Call for proposals starts from Monday, August 01, 2016 and ends on Sunday, September 18, 2016. Selected proposals will be announced on Wed, September 30, 2016


​​          What will you will be offered:

  • Opportunities to meet, exchange knowledge and experiences with the participants who are filmmakers, film production companies’ managers from Norway and around the world.
  • Meeting with and building networks with investors, entrepreneurs etc. attending the Oslo Innovation Week 2016.
  • Attending many other interesting OIW 2016 events happening before and after the conference.
  • A free ticket to our one day conference which also includes a pass to a lunch and tea breaks between sections of the conference.
  • Discounts to hotels which are the Oslo Innovation Week’s partners (for the guests coming from outside Oslo). 10-20 % discounts to restaurants and cultural, food events happening at the same time in Oslo.
  • Free entrance to After Work Drink meetups during the Oslo Innovation Week 2016
  • Gifts from our sponsors


​You can propose your talk in the workshop (9.30-12:00) or register to be a guest in the talkshow (12:30-14:30) or submit your projects for the pitch contest (15:00-17:00):

  1. A proposal for a talk in the workshop: There are 30 minute slots for speakers to present and answer the questions from the audience. Click here to register. Make sure you read the main criteria and the rules below.
  2. Register to be a guest in the talkshow There are two slots for two filmmakers who want to be the guests in the talkshow and discuss opportunities and challenges for film productions with three other filmmakers/ investors we invite into the talkshow. Click here  to register
  3. Propose a project to the pitch contest:  You need to submit a proposal for your project including a script, your CV or the CV of your team and any other documents you think are  necessary. The selected projects will have 7 minutes to pitch their projects to the film production companies/ investors we invite to sit in the judging panel. The proposal for your projects are sent to

The main criteria for the proposals:

  • Original content: That is your own products and have never been presented in any other conferences
  • Innovative ideas: New or unique ideas and solutions will be put priority

The criteria for the projects:

  • Original content: It can be a script for a feature film/ a documentary/ a TV show/Short film… It is your own product and  has not been used anywhere. You have not given anyone else to use it anywhere.


  • Be specific… (a description of about 20 lines is about right)
  • Be creative … Convince us why your proposal is interesting and should be in the workshop.
  • Propose your own talk; don’t have someone else do it for you.
  • Nominations welcome… if you know someone who has content/experience relevant to the workshop/talkshow or pitch contest, please let us know where they are!
  • Multiple proposals are welcome…