1. Who are the audience for the event? 
Filmmakers, startups and companies working in film productions and related fields; policy makers in the field, film distributors, investors in films, journalists writing about films and entertainment, media, film students.

2. How is this event different from other film events? Why should you attend?
It is the first International Film Conference for filmmakers featured at Oslo Innovation Week. Its contents cover several fields that help filmmakers to raise their voices, share experience, learn solutions from each other as well as reach real opportunities brought by the conference, all at one: The speeches are somehow an academic way to approach the issue with analyses and research. The talkshow is more about practical aspects, giving more fun and relaxing moments with personal sharing and untold stories which the host will gradually dig into through his talks to them…

3. Why should policy makers in the field attend this conference?
Through this conference they will see the problems and solutions for film productions nowadays in Norway and in the world are approached and shown more clearly and more comprehensively through different angles. That probably will help them to make suitable and practical policies to better support filmmakers.

4. What’s the overall goal of the event? 
– Gaining new knowledge, lessons and solutions concerning film productions nowadays.
– Supporting startups in the field to find easier ways to get into the field
– Giving independent filmmakers a chance to present their products and reach investors, big production companies…

5 What measurable outcomes and impacts of the conferences?
This conference does not focus on any tangible impacts because it is easier to focus on measurable outcomes. The conference is aimed to create a sharing platform which is expected to happen every year, not serving any research results.
The measurable outcomes we expect to get:
– A network of international filmmakers and people who work in film productions and related fields
– Lessons learnt and solutions shown in the speeches, talks and discussions
– Numbers of film startups/independent filmmakers/investors/ film productions companies which can raise their voices and contribute their thoughts to a healthy growth of film productions.
– Speech slides/ video contents widely shared with filmmakers
– Number of film projects reach their investors

6. How does this event fit into ‘innovation week’? Is there a focus on innovation?
– The theme of Oslo Innovation Week this year is power-couple. This event fits in as it helps to connect young, independent filmmakers and film startups connect to big production companies and successful cases in the field.
– The structure of the conference is perhaps different from most of other events for filmmakers but very close to the format of Oslo innovation week with speech/ talkshow and pitch contest.
– It is the first Oslo Innovation Week event for international filmmakers.

7. What is Oslo Innovation Week?
Oslo Innovation Week is the largest innovation convention, connecting industries, accelerating businesses organized since 2013 by Oslo Business Region and powered by The City of Oslo and Oslo Innovation Norway. It attracts around 10,000 participants to attend its event series during a week in the middle of October every year.