1. Ånund Austenå

– Organization: Viken Filmsenter- The Regional Film Center which protects the regional role in the Norwegian film policy, including conducting competence developing measures for the professional sector, assign development and production support for short films and documentaries, animation and games. The Film Center will also work with talents and be the resource center for work with children and young people within the film area. The center manages both state production subsidies and development funds, and regional assets. Viken Filmsenter AS is headquartered in Drammen.
– Website:http://www.vikenfilmsenter.no
– Short description about the speaker: Ånund Austenå is the CEO of Viken Filmsenter. Austenå holds a Master degree in Visual Anthropology. He has 20 years experience working with documentary films in particular and film productions in general. Austenå has been associated with Mediefabrikken since 2000 in Akershus and worked with guidance, courses and workshops.
Ånund Austenå will sit with a representative from Norwegian Film Institute in a debate between representative from funding sources for filmmakers and filmmakers in Norway to answer the question “How emerging filmmakers in Norway can access to governmental funding sources for film productions”
2. Sveinung Golimo

– Organization: Norwegian Film Institute
– Webite: http://www.nfi.no
The Norwegian Film Institute (NFI) operates under the auspices of The Royal Norwegian Ministry for Culture and is the government’s civil executive body for the film sector and its advisor in questions of film policy. Through Regulations delivered by the Ministry and its general mandate the NFI is charged with putting the government’s film policy into practice.
About the speaker: Sveinung Golimo is the Executive Director of the production & development department at the Norwegian Film Institute.
Short description: Representative from NFI will answer questions by Filmmakers in Norway on how to access to their supports

3. Anders Tangen

– Company: Viva Film
– Website: http://www.viafilm.no/
Short description: Ander Tangen is the producer of the TV series “Lilyhammer” and “DAG” and the theatrical features “5 Lies” (2007), “Fuck Up” (2012) and “The Immoral” (2013). He has also produced a string of short films and documentaries…

4 Ulrik Imtiaz Rolfsen

– Company: Curry Film AS
– Website: https://curryfilm.com
– Twitter: https://twitter.com/ulrikimtiaz

Ulrik Imtiaz Rolfsen is a Norwegian film director, producer and writer. He is best known for his action drama IZZAT(2005), his award winning TV series TAXI (2011) as well as documentary filmsVoluntarily Forced (2014) and The Norwegian Islamist (in post production)… Rolfsen last project was directing In The Dark, a four-part drama, by Bafta-winning writer Danny Brocklehurst for BBC One.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ulrikimtiazRolfesen will sit in an open talkshow to share about his film projects, his experience on funding film projects, reaching opportunities in big film industries…
 5. Jan Vardøen

– Company: Beacon Isle Productions
– Website: http://www.iansenior.com/
– Twitter: https://twitter.com/ianseniormusic
– Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ian-Senior-151718828233604/
Jan is a guest in the debate between Norwegian Film Institute and Norwegian Film Makers about how to access to NFI’s funding sources.
– Short Description: Jan Vardøen is a Norwegian film director, writer and musician.  His film career is known for his roles as the producer, director and composer of 4 films including Working stiff (2013), Heart of Lightness (2014), Høst: Autumn Fall (2015) and House of Norway (2016). In 2015 his film Høst: Autumn Fall was released and has gained a number of prizes including Best film, Best play, Best director, Audience Prize in different film festivals. As a musician, he stands behind the release of 5 CDs. He is starting the independent film centre OSLO16 in Oslo in 2017 which aims to help independent film makers realiser their projects.
6. Tore Gulden

– Organization: Oslo and Akershus Uuniversity College of Aapplied Sciences.
– Website: https://www.hioa.no/tilsatt/tgulden
– Short Description: Tore Gulden is a professor at the Faculty of Technology, Art and Design at Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences. He is an expert in transmedia storytelling. Tore has been doing research and released a number of publications on Transmedia Storytelling in productions. As you know, transmedia storytelling has become an emerging subject of film productions but it is still not well perceived by filmmakers.
Tore will provide attendees at the conference knowledge about transmedia storytelling and its roles in productions, especially in film productions nowadays.

7 Jo Jørge Stordal

– Company: Pointmedia
– Website: http://www.pointmedia.no/
– Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Pointmedia.no
– Short description: Jo Jørge Stordal is the CEO of Pointmedia one of the film production companies that are expert in VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality) and MR (Mixed Reality), 360 ° digital content for social media, video, views or demonstrations. Jo Jørge Stordal and his colleague will have a speech about their experience importing and mastering new technologies in film productions. They will show you real examples with their gears.

Ali Zareiee

Company: Adapa360
Short description: Ali Zaeiee is a VR D.O.P. “Since 2012 Ali has been developing hardware, filming, stitching reaching out to a wide range of markets and creating a buzz around VR in the ever expanding global community”- VR Oslo.
Website/facebook: https://www.facebook.com/adapa360/ 
9. Matt Willis Jones

Company: Huma Nerror Productions
Website: http://www.mattwillisjones.com
Short description: Matt is an English writer and director. As a post-production artist Matt worked on several major films and TVseries including Batman Begins (2005), Kingdom of Heaven (2005) and the Oscar winning Peter and the Wolf (2006). Films from his web-series Everything is Perfect and There are no Problems (2014) have won several awards around the world. He is a jury for several international film festivals. Matt’s experience with Warner Bros will contribute interesting stories to the topic how it works to approach opportunities in big film industries.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HumaNerrorProductions
10. Jean-Nicolas GILLE

Short description: Jean is a French filmmaker/ designer based in Poland. He has worked with many well-known brands in France and in Poland such as Durex, Vichy, National Geography… He has 13 year experience working with motion design and postproduction for films. As an independent filmmaker, Jean has gained certain experience with 360o videos and found interesting stories to share with other filmmakers about potentials to invest your efforts into the field through the speech: “360° video: a new approach of storytelling”
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rowelovers/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/YellowBikeGuy

Host of the debate:
1. Kimberly Larsen

Company: TimetoRiot
Website: www.timetoRIOT.com
Kimberly Larsen is a unique media and entertainment talent with 18 years of experience.
She founded RIOT with the purpose to revolutionise the way business is operated in the entertainment industry, by providing a transparent and visual marketplace.
In addition to running this startup, she currently works on several major TV-projects for large production companies, keeping her knowledge of industry trends and requirements current.

2. Film director/Musician: Jonas B. Ingrebretsen

Website: http://JBI.nu
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JonasBIngebretsen
Twitter: https://twitter.com/renderworks

Ignite talks:
1.Alexander Grover– American writer/IT manager: “Weekend Film Festival”.
2.Jan Vardøen– Norwegian Film Director/ Musician: “OSLO16: a centre for independent film makers”