Job Description
I am looking for filmmakers that would be interested in making a documentary on veterans overcoming injury and illness. I have put together a massive challenge that will see a number of us hike the length on Norway which is over 3300kms and will take 5 months to complete.
I am an Australian Veteran who served in Afghanistan in 2012 and was medically discharged in 2014. I have put this challenge together to show other veterans you can overcome injury and illness and instead of seeing it as a set back we should see it as an opportunity for self progression and growth, if we focus on the things we can do in life we can accomplish anything.

The trek begins on the 15th of April 2017. We have interest from Australian, Norwegian, American and British Veterans to join the trek with currently 3 permanent veterans hiking the entire length, 6 veterans from Australia that have been lined up to fly over to take part in a section of this trek.

We will be raising money for both Team Rubicon Australia and Team Rubicon Norway (TRA has just started up and Norway is also about to begin however is not yet official)

We will be starting at Nordkapp and heading to Narvik – Bodo – Trondheim – Mount Guastatoppen – Trolltunga – The pulpit rock – Kjerag – Lindesnes. We will also be visiting WWII museums, viking villages, prison camps and meeting up with locals along the way.

If you could point me in the right direction of a filmmaker that would be interested in joining us and this great cause please let me know.

Contact Information
Name:  Jack Barden