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As marketers, we’re always on the lookout for newfound ways to create lasting impressions. In a sea of possibilities, video stands above the pack: more than just a beneficial medium, video is, unequivocally, an advertiser’s most valuable asset.

As I reflect on what led us to this moment, I’m looking back on 2016, “the year of video,” and tracing how the trends of this past year will continue to magnify in 2017 and beyond.

Why Video in 2016?

On the horizon of 2016, industry experts were hyperaware of the surmountable impact video would continue to have on the marketing world. Video is easily digestible, it encourages sharing, and it gives businesses an unforgettable footprint. Over the past year, we clicked the “play” button and watched as video expanded from every angle, pulling audiences in like never before, and becoming the advertising trend of the year.

In a comprehensive study, Wyzowl reports that 61% of business incorporated video into their 2016 marketing campaigns; and for a shocking 66% of these companies, last year was their very first year using video. As a marketing goldmine that shows no signs of slowing down, video is a necessary advertising tool that nearly every successful business will continue to employ in 2017.

The Rise of Video Storytelling

People thrive on stories: they play on our need to connect and they’re instantly more memorable than most other forms of communication. Video storytelling brings a unique twist to an old game: combining two preferred informational mediums into one promotional powerhouse. Countless companies picked up on this benefit in 2016 and began incorporating video storytelling into their marketing tactics, but this trend is only expected to fully take hold in 2017.

Whether they’re sharing customer stories, explaining how a new idea was first imagined, or showing a product during its development stage, numerous businesses will try their hats at video storytelling in 2017 to increase customer loyalty and brand retention.

And Live From Our Brand

Live streaming has grown in popularity in both the social and marketing worlds. In 2016, we saw more companies try to “go live” on social media sites like Facebook, and many others used this technology to hold industry-wide broadcasts on a number of various hosting sites. The results of this shift were, quite literally, instantaneous.

2017 promises to be the year that we see live streaming take off in full swing. Business will fully explore ways to connect by giving behind-the-scenes tours, holding question and answer sessions, and providing training materials and product demonstrations. Not only does this type of unedited content increase traction by instilling immediate trust, it’s also a fantastic way for businesses to receive real-time customer feedback, further enriching the communication experience between brand and consumer.

The Lure of Temporary Content

Thanks to Snapchat, and then later Instragram, temporary content became a marketing staple in 2016. Though perhaps counter intuitive, this type of momentary film is well worth the investment time.

By sharing temporary video content, you’re more likely to have viewers really listen to your message. Audiences are captured by the lure of a one-time only experience, and successful marketers will continue to grasp onto this demand in 2017.

Video + Email = Opportunity

Because of its non-invasive nature, email marketing has always been a successful form of promotional communication. To this day, email is still a consumer favorite, and according to MarketingSherpa, 72% of people would rather receive marketing content via email versus any other medium. Not surprisingly, when video thumbnails are added to email campaigns, customers are hooked. Video email boosts customer open and click-through rates and gives your brand a leg up in the industry.

We’re starting to see the video email trend cement itself now, and this shift is only expected pick up more steam as we head into the New Year and beyond.

Video From Every Angle

360-degree video became a marketing reality in 2016: allowing consumers to fully immerse themselves in an experience and attach personal meaning to a recorded moment. Magnifyre reports that the same video will receive 28.81% more views if it’s in a 360-degree format, and when filmed from every angle, your chances of having a viewer watch a video to completion doubles.

The Road Ahead

Business marketers have steadily stopped asking “why video?” and started more aptly questioning: “how can I do this?” Video is no longer a cog in the marketing machine, but rather the machine itself. The video trends and success we saw in 2016 paved the path for what’s to come in the New Year, and though the content of each trend differs, each is a reflection in a mass shift in the promotional world: one that centers on building closer connections, loyalty, personalization, and consumer trust.

-Martech Advisor/Bob Reina-