Filmmakers in Norway (FIN) is a community for filmmakers in Norway. Here you will find information about film productions in the country, funding sources for filmmakers, products made by filmmakers in Norway etc. Especially it is a platform for all filmmakers in Norway to gather online and offline to discuss different topics concerning film productions. Inland and international events for filmmakers will be organized to serve this purpose. FIN’s members are filmmakers from different production companies, freelancers, independent filmmakers who all want to build a healthy community for filmmakers in Norway where we exchange knowledge, experience, support each other and develop together.

At present, we focus on training courses, events and programs that help filmmakers in Norway to be good marketers for their business and expand their professional network. Oslo Innovation Week Film Conference is our biggest annual event that combines both of these elements. There filmmakers in Norway have opportunities to meet and talk with successful people in the field of film an tv productions as well as experts in marketing and PR in and outside Norway. In addition, they get to learn new knowledge about film productions nowadays.

Join us in upcoming events, in the forums within this webpage, post you good projects that you want to share with other filmmakers and team up with other filmmakers in the community to make awesome projects together….