Filmmakers in Norway is a non-profit organization. Our activities are implemented mostly based on sponsorships and voluntary contributions from members. Therefore your contributions are greatly appreciated to help us run the organization smoothly and effectively.

Your contributions will be used to cover the administration costs and to organize events and joint activities for filmmakers in Norway.

You can also choose to support our ongoing projects at present. Your supports and sponsorship will help the projects reach its better results. All the talented filmmakers who want to join us in these projects are more than welcome. Please send us your CV and the position you can contribute to in each project.

1. Rising Dragon
A reality TV show for young people who are burning for success and want to change the world with their innovative ideas. The program is structured into 3 rounds with 7 episodes. During the 3 weeks gathering for the program, candidates will learn skills and knowledge from mentors to build their projects and compete with one another to win a fixed prize and get funding from investors.

The purposes of the program are to:

– Create opportunities for young people (under 25 years old) in Nordic countries and then later all around the world to learn and create their own businesses based on innovative ideas.

– Make changes for a better and sustainable world.

– Create a meaningful TV show with an interesting format that can also bring a fresh concept to what people usually think about reality shows. It is not only entertaining but also brings considerable contributions to our society and the young generation.

– This program is part of our plan to make Nordic region become a hub for the most active culture programs and the development of young people with great entrepreneurial talents in the region.

2.  Atopia

A surreal comedy movie telling stories about people working at the same office where each day is a new alternate reality. Carl is the main character of the film who is described “a man too normal for reality in a world too strange for fiction”. He is in love with Sally who is not interested in him at all…

Promo trailer: